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Creator: Rebecca Yamoah


Hello! My name is Rebecca Yamoah, an undergraduate student at Lehigh University located in Bethlehem, PA. I am majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience, a discipline that focuses on the biological basis of human behavior. The major combines the disciplines of psychology and biology to provide an understanding of how the behavior of humans and other animals is controlled by physiological systems. 

I grew up on the coast of South Jersey with my parents and three older siblings who are originally from Ghana. I have an interests in music, interior design, lifestyle, and literature. I am just an ordinary college student who is passionate about giving meaningful reviews, tips, and advice to others. I have a podcast called “Beck’s Review” and I am planning on adding more updated content in the near future. My podcast is available on all podcast streaming platforms. The first couple of blog posts will be in relation to Gothic and Horror in our culture.

Beck’s Review (Trailer) Beck’s Review

9 thoughts on “Beck’s Review

  1. “Behavioral Neuroscience” – VERY interesting! to me? ole fart that I am? Might as well listed out 1,001 other minors you’re diving into to make sense of everything you’ll learn in that field, but that’s just me – LOL. Welcome to podcasting/wordpress land!


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